Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ginataang Manok sa Papaya

ginataag manok cooking procedure
Ginataan is one of the famous Pinoy recipe. One region in the Philippines is very well known when it comes to ginataan: the Bicol region. which is located at the region V of the Philippine's 17 regions.Ginataan can be root crop, meat and vegetables cooked in coconut milk. 

Ginataang manok is always  best with papaya. Here are the things neede to cook ginataang manok.


1/2 kg chicken
1 whole papaya
2 cups coconut milk
malunggay leaves (moringa)
1 onion
2 pcs garlic
1 pc ginger
msg (optional)

Step 1: On a pan,saute ginger,garlic and onion.
Step 2: Add chicken, wait until it's half cooked.
Step 4: Add papaya,put seasoning then cover the pan until cooked.
The papaya extract will gradually release when cooked, no need to add water.
Step 5: Add coconut milk and malunggay leaves.
Step 6: Bring in to boil for 2 minutes
Serve with rice

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